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“The trademark ESTAT-PAK represents antistatic protective corrugated paper packaging and is intended for the packing of products sensitive to harmful influences of electrostatic discharge.”

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The trademark ESTAT-PAK represents the corrugated paper packaging with the built-in ESD (electrostatic discharge) protective layer and is intended for the packing of products sensitive to electrostatic discharge.

Inappropriate packing of electronic components is the reason for annual losses of the electronic industry on reclamations. This is why we have developed the corrugated paper packaging, covered with static dissipative inner and outer side, the purpose of which is the protection of electronic components from the harmful influences of electrostatic discharge. The corrugated paper, which is the basis of the antistatic protective packaging production, is handled in the way that the appropriate surface resistance is ensured. The material handled in this way has the surface resistance in the range between 1x10-4 and 1x10-11 Ohms, and is according to Standard EIA-541 defined as a static dissipative material.

Out of corrugated paper which was handled in such a way and is thus suitable for further manufacture, we are producing the antistatic protective packaging of various shapes and for various purposes. It is of a distinctive colour and printed with the warning in the yellow colour, according to rules. This packaging, antistatic protective packaging, which is the fruit of our development, can be, according to the sort of its contents, equipped also with the inserted piece made from permanently conductible polyethylene foam, which is ideal for the relaxation of the induction currents, is not crushing into small pieces, and does not cause corrosion. Or it can be equipped with soft, flexible polyurethane foam, which is known for its ability to dissipate static charge, while at the same time, it offers optimal protection from strokes and vibrations.

The antistatic protective packaging and the products sensitive to ESD require handling only in the special ESD protected areas (EPA = ESD protected area). After the packing is complete, the packaging must be sealed with a special ESD warning etiquette and this must stay the same right to the moment when its content is ready to be used. ESD warning etiquettes are a constituent part of our offer.

Antistatic protective packaging ESTAT-PAK is suitable for several uses, without the loss of its dissipative characteristics. It is environment friendly and decomposes entirely after the use.


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