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''The CorrTainer anticorrosion packaging brand represents an exceptionally effective packaging for the protection of various metals.''

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CorrTainer® is a brand of corrugated cardboard packaging with an integrated VpCi ® protective layer. It is ideally suited for packing products, manufactured from various metals sensitive to corrosion.

Corrosion is a constant, indiscriminate and very costly enemy of all metal parts, especially when packaged in boxes during shipment or during storage. Traditional anticorrosion methods of packaging are messy and costly. They endanger the health of people and pollute the environment.

The CorrTainer® packaging, a product developed by the well known CORTEC Corporation from the USA in accordance with the Agreement for Licensed Production and Technical Cooperation, is produced by the Grafem d.o.o Company in Maribor.

The VpCi® protective layer, applied to the internal side of the packaging, offers multimetal protection with the aid of vapor phase inhibitors, that condense on the surface of the packaged product producing a uniform, economical and exceptionally effective protective coating. The coverage is complete, even crevices, cavities and other inaccessible void areas receive total VpCi® protection. This barrier is self replenishing even for packaging that is repeatedly opened and typically protects for up to 24 months.

The application before the packaging is very simple and needs very little or no preparation whatsoever- simply insert the product in the box and close it. After taking the packaged (metal) products from the boxes they are immediately ready for use and they need no troublesome cleaning or degreasing.

The industry proven result is exceptional product protection without the labor -intensive clean-up required, with conventional oil coatings or other corrosion inhibiting products - even for previously corroded, painted or coated surfaces.

Cortec VpCi ® inhibitors are environmentally safe, they do not pollute and they are not based on nitrites.


• They save costly time and labor
  - no surface preparation required for application
  - no cleaning/degreasing required for product use

• Reduces raw material requirements
  - need for oil is eliminated
  - dessicants are eliminated

• Eliminates disposal costs
  - discarded packaging is fully recyclable
  - no hazardous waste disposal costs


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